Setup ASE 15.7 on CentOS 6

This page describes the environment where we will bring the case exercises in practice.

What I’ve used is the following:

  1. VirtualBox
  2. CentOS 6 (x86_64)
  3. Sybase ASE Express Edition 15.7
  4. Cases


The setup for VirtualBox is as follows.

  • Create a new VM
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Version: RedHat (64 bit)
  • Memory: 1024M
  • Create a new disc image
    • VDI
    • Dynamically allocated
    • Size: 20GB
  • Mount the CentOS 6 iso image

When all the above is done, start up your VM.


When installing CentOS the only thing I did was change the installation to Minimal Desktop. After the reboot create a user account sybase. When you also want to install the Guest Additions you will have to execute the following steps using the root account.

yum update
yum -y install gcc kernel-devel

Mount the Guest Addition tools and on the terminal execute the installation script as root.


After the installation of the guest additions, you can also mount a local directory on your machine. This directory will be shown in the /media directory of your VM.

After downloading the cases you will have to extract them. When this is done you will have a directory cases. In this directory, there is a script called The following will be done when executed:

  • create a directory /opt/sybase/dump with owner sybase
  • install packages needed by Sybase ASE
  • add parameters to the /etc/sysctl.conf and activate them
  • add parameters to the .bash_profile of the sybase user
  • add a startup script sybase_ase in the /etc/init.d
  • automatically start the sybase_ase script when centos starts up

Sybase ASE software and Database Server installation

When all the above steps where taken we are now ready to install an ASE server. Again in the cases directory, there is a script called This script will install the software in the /opt/sybase directory and build a Sybase ASE server. When executing the script you will have to give an extra parameter where the script can find the ase software. The following will be done when executing the script:

  • silently install the ASE Software (can take up to 15 minutes depending on your machine speed)
  • installing the database server ASE_CASE using a resource file (sa without password)
  • installing a backup server ASE_CASE_BCK using a resource file
# Example
./ $HOME/install


Name database server ASE_CASE
Name backup server ASE_CASE_BCK
Installation directory /opt/sybase
Database device directory /opt/sybase/data
Database dump directory /opt/sybase/dump
Username sa


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